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Romell Greene or just "Ro', I am a thinker, creator, connoisseur of the truth, sometimes too passionate and occasional video producer. Cartel.Video was created with one end goal in mind, to create and deliver art at a level that can reveal truths about a product, service, situation or individual in a new way....yes that means you.

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Who Am I ?

My life in Video production started through producing music as a teenager and eventually attending The Art Institute of Atlanta for audio production. Having a love for still photography through school and not actually attending, I wanted to turn that creative energy toward cinematography or video production. Having the opportunity 5 years ago a business partner and I set off to start a boutique video production agency where we serviced mostly local businesses showcasing their products or services. Gaining experience on my own during this time has led me to work with brands in spaces ranging from sports to skincare. I work closely with most brands or founders to develop not just a video but a solution through video that best fits the problem they may be facing.

- Romell


I'm always looking for new and exciting Projects...and book reccomendations



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